How did you meet your spouse? How did your parents meet? What was it like coming to Canada?

There is so much rich history in the lives of our loved ones that can go unnoticed or unappreciated as time goes by. Be the star of a movie based on your own life! Our team will work with you to produce an hour-long movie of: Your Story - preserving those memories to be passed along and shared with your family and loved ones.

Curious to learn more about your own Parents or Grandparents? See if they would like to tell their story and give them a gift they'll never forget!

People can choose from our extensive list of questions - or bring their own along with photos and keepsakes to make sure everything they want to cover is captured in professional, high quality video!

Whatever your story - it deserves to be told, and we would love to hear it.

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*Additional services including longer visits, different camera packages, and subtitles can be provided at an additional cost. Additional DVD copies can be created at an additional cost. Pricing is subject to change. Price of 499.99+HST will be honoured as of the shoot booking date.

*Any photos, memorabilia or keepsakes you wish featured in your film must be present at the time of shooting.