And here is the part where I offer my video services!

Whatever your project, whatever your vision, we can make it happen.  We shoot on industry standard camera and sound equipment, and have all the resources available to use to achieve anything you need.

Commercial, web videos, events or training videos, we have you covered.  With a hand selected team of highly trained professionals, we are the talent that can take what's in your head - and bring it to life.


- Multiple Full 1080p, or 4K professional cameras for multiple angles and absolute coverage, or 6K cinema cameras for a Hollywood look!

- DJI Ronin, Easy rig, and multiple camera stabilization assemblies

- Industry quality Canon EOS photography equipment with flashes, lighting and backdrops

- Boom Mics, Lav Mics, and Table Mics, with TASCAM Linear PCM Recorders to achieve excellent sound

- A variety of lighting options for different shooting locations and conditions

- Green-screen and rotoscoping capabilities 

- Variable and innovative mounting systems, dollies, and a 14' jib arm

- Matte Box, Shoulder Mount, Projectors, Slates and many other accessories

- Two Editing Platforms running the entire, most recent Adobe Creative Suite

- A Full Team of sharp, creative minds