Bad props can ruin a scene.  If something looks fake instead of threatening, or light instead of heavy the authenticity of your production can suffer.  We offer a wide range of prop rentals to give your film that extra credibility and make your life just a little easier.  

I won't list everything here for the sake of brevity, but as an example we have:

-Tactical/Military Wardrobe

-Holsters, gas masks and helmets

-Prop Pistols and Rifles(All our guns are airsoft - Gun Wrangler services available soon!)

-Creature and gore effects

-Swords, Ancient Weapons, Flintlock firearms

-Martial Arts Wardrobe

-And so very much more...


(Click to scroll through Airsoft rifle examples)


As your production moves forward, feel free to reach out and see what we have, or can get, to make your scenes better!