An aerial view of Reykjavik, Iceland.

An aerial view of Reykjavik, Iceland.

I am a Google Trusted* photographer and have been providing business and map services to a Toronto Google Agency for the last four years.  I have experience with portraits, events, real estate and products, and have all of the equipment to deliver amazing images of you, your family, or your property in almost any occasion.

Below you will find some small albums of my professional photography.  Everything I shoot is on a Canon 7D - and most of the shots you see here were achieved with a 40mm or 50mm prime lens, 16-35mm, 70-300mm or 8mm Sigma Prime. 

In order to protect image copyright these are low quality, however I hope you enjoy, and if you see any you like you can contact me for higher quality files or prints!


Niagara Falls, ontario

Vimy, france

london, england

paris, france


other Travels

Here are other galleries of my work: