They say you make a movie three times, the last one being the edit. Well we have your back - and can help you polish your movie into the best possible product. We have a number of editors at our disposal with a multitude of experience that represent educations from Vancouver Film School, Toronto Film School, York and the University of Toronto. All of our editors have access to top of the line editing platforms and software, and are proficient with both the Final Cut and Adobe Creative Suite.

We have experience with:


-Chroma Key work, greenscreen and bluescreen edits

-Creating a clear story and arc in both feature length narrative and documentary edits

-After Effects and special effects

-Photoshop, flash animation and graphic design

-Colour correction



Contact us today and together we can help you wrap up the long process of making your film, a reality! 
Or, contact Lee directly at: 1-905-809-0284